Self Managed Super Funds

A SMSF has less than five members and each member is also a trustee. This means that the members are not only responsible for making all the investment and operational decisions for the fund, but they are also responsible for ensuring the fund is run and maintained in accordance with strict legal and regulatory requirements.

SMSFs empower you to:

Gain transparency and control of where and how your money is invested

Take advantage of flat fee pricing structures

Manage underlying investments including direct property, assets and high interest cash accounts

Explore more tax effective strategies

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Financial Adviser Sydney can help you to get started. Our accredited SMSF advisers offer:

Advice and structure on how to set up your SMSF and maximum return

Investment strategies to meet your goals and minimise risk

 Taxation and financial accounting services

 A yearly audit

 Six monthly, yearly and ad hoc investment strategy reviews

 Transparent and cost effective fixed fee structures

Call Financial Adviser Sydney today for a complimentary consultation to learn how a SMSF can help secure your future regardless of how the markets behave.

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